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The Best Way to Bet: Bitcoin

Since its emergence in 2009, Bitcoin has evaded every attack made against itself. Now even the big corporations serve as a part of this system and the domain of Bitcoin continues to expand day by day. Bitcoin has expanded into the fields of sports betting and casino as well and now trusted brokers like BET-IBC added Bitcoin to their payment methods so you can bet on the check best Asian bookies via agent. We have put together the advantages of using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in online betting for you.

These days, we find a new option to deposit while betting every day. In some countries, betting websites couldn’t open a bank account in their name for years due to online betting being illegal. And now even some agents do it as well like BET-IBC. However; there is a new, up-and-coming method to avoid all this fuss: Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has become quite popular at the end of 2017 especially after its stocks rose. This method, which is used all over the world, helps you exchange money by eliminating the middlemen. Therefore, many betting websites take this road in the unregulated betting markets. In many countries, bettors choose Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over bank transfers or Ecopayz and other virtual cards.

Advantageous Way to Bet

Hard to Track

Bitcoin is mostly used to protect the privacy of the purchases made so it is quite popular in illegal communities as well. But due to the fact that it removes the middlemen from the equation, it is getting more and more recognition each day.

Bettors from the restricted countries choose to use VPN and depositing methods other than the conventional ones instead of having to bet on government-approved bookmakers. This requires them to cover for their tracks to avoid possible problems they might encounter in the future. Bitcoin presents the perfect solution.

It is not completely impossible to track transfers and who it belongs to via Bitcoin; however, it is quite difficult compared to the conventional methods. Therefore, Bitcoin is gaining high popularity in the betting market.

The Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is not your only option when it comes to depositing to a betting website. There are many other cryptocurrencies which have the same advantages and technology and this number increases every day.

Other cryptocurrency options include but are not limited to:
Ethereum, Monero, and Dash, etc. The logic behind these is quite similar to Bitcoin so they offer the same advantages.

The Only Problem: Fluctuation

Of course, it is not a bed of roses. There are some disadvantages to using Bitcoin as well. Especially the fact that the price of Bitcoin has been in decline recently. So when you buy Bitcoin for $1000, the price might drop by the time you deposit.

Another problem with fluctuation is that the bookmaker and where you buy your Bitcoin processes your transaction with different rates, which might cause a serious financial loss. Despite this little inconvenience, we suggest using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the sake of anonymity.

If you want to bet on countless sports using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you just need to do is visit the best betting broker BET-IBC and get an Asian betting account via agent with the best odds!