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VIP Betting

VIP betting is considered an extra option given to the bettors. This needs to go out from the online betting standards offered by most of the bookies on their main and popular offers. Many bookmakers offer different features for regular customers such as bonuses, special bets, original slot machines, etc. But, in some cases, this goes beyond for certain users who are loyal to certain bookies or have great betting volumes. Here you can see some VIP offers such as kickback and payback bonuses, for example.

Another way of VIP betting is offered through betting platforms, controlled by bots. These bots are created and put together in a betting software to help punters create some automated bets to improve their betting experience. They are integrated into the platform and the only thing you need to do is making the choice of your bet. These bots will place the bet themselves with the best odds possible according to the parameters established. Most of the time, the software is capable to work with multiple bookmakers without the need of having different accounts, so everything is in a single place. It finds the best odds for you and then places your bets according to your adjustments. All you need to do is register for best betting software and became a professional bettor. Later, the software is available for downloads or to be used online as well. With this, the betting strategy can improve in terms of odds, limits, and processing time. We are sure that this software completely can become your best friends for your betting adventure.

The best VIP softwares give you the highest odds

Another new way of VIP betting started with Skype betting. This is a service offered by different betting agents across the world and it is becoming a very popular way of betting. Skype betting is mainly designed for high rollers who want to find something different than the regular bookies. This way of betting is known for providing really high limits that can go up to several hundred thousand or euros depending on the sports and leagues.

The Skype betting name comes from the simple fact that bettors don’t need to have different accounts in their favorite bookmakers, but just a Skype or Telegram account. There, they can contact directly with the agent, inform the details of the bets and that is it. The betting agent will place the bet for you while you can comfortably sit on your couch to wait for your winnings. If you want more information about it, take a look at our Skype betting review and amaze yourself with the simplicity of this VIP way of betting.