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Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is a recent exchange established in April 2017. Now it has become one of the most popular exchanges that exist. Powered by Betfair, it offers ‘out of this world’ odds, liquidity, and markets. This is a bookmaker we highly recommend for punters from Betfair’s restricted countries. So this bookie is a MUST for bettors who can’t get a real Betfair account. Moreover, Orbit has a unique web design that makes it easier to use their platform to bet and has NO premium charge compared to Betfair.

Equally, Orbit Exchange gives you a marketplace with the possibility to back and lay on countless events. So you can back, that is, bet for a certain outcome to happen as well as you can bet against a certain outcome to happen, that is, lay. What makes it different from traditional bookmakers is that, here, players bet against each other while on traditional bookies, players bet against the bookmaker. So if you open OrbitX account via betting agent, you are assured of a great bet acceptance speed and winners are not limited here because they do not take positions in the market. Simply put, you’ll get as much the same experience as with a Betfair account.



• Great odds and High limits: As we know already, Orbit Exchange gets its odds and liquidity from Betfair. So with an Orbit Exchange account, you are assured of the best odds and highest limits as on a Betfair account.
• Keep in-play bet: Both Orbit and Betfair share this function, which has the role of preserving an unmatched bet from getting canceled at the start of the event. So it is kept in-play until it is matched.
• No Premium Charge: Unlike Betfair, Orbit has no premium charge which is great news because you won’t have to pay anything extra for being a winner, for not generating enough charges and for betting in hundreds of markets. So this is a great bookie for every bettor, beginners, and professionals alike.
• Cash-out Function: This is a feature that was recently added on Orbit Exchange. So, both Orbit and Betfair now share this function which allows you to lock in a profit or loss before the end of the event.
• Different payment methods for betting: You can find a list of different deposit and withdraw methods that can also be expanded if you open your Orbit account with the best betting agent, BET-IBC.



• Easy-to-use website, mobile friendly and fully reactive on tablets. The loading speed is incredible and the mobile interface is well structured. Which makes the betting experience a good and less stressful one.
• It has a good selection of sports, including American Football, Boxing, Football, Horse racing, Rugby, Athletics, Cricket, Gaelic games, Ice Hockey, Snooker, Australian Rules, Cycling, MMA, Tennis, Baseball, Darts, Greyhound racing, Motorsports, Volleyball, Basketball, E-sports, Handball, Netball, Golf and many more. So here we can claim it has a very complete list of options.
• It has a wide range of markets and bet types.



All in all, Orbit is one of the most well-known and best exchanges at this time but it does not support trading software. This is because it does not have an API as it is only a copy of Betfair. So for punters who use trading software, Orbit may not be a good fit for them. Nevertheless, you can still have the best betting experience with Orbit seeing all the great features it possesses and it is an exchange we highly recommend. You can check the Betfair review and betting options and compare for yourself the great features these two bookies share in common.