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European Roulette at bet365

Among the most popular versions of the game at bet365 is European Roulette. It has an incredibly realistic layout and beautiful graphics, which create a real casino atmosphere for the user. The game is available for instant play and download, both of them guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. The software was designed to run a smooth animation, and the game action is entertaining and very pleasing to the eye. The game is highly customizable, offering the player the opportunity to choose the color of the layout (red, blue, green), view of the table, and even the direction of the wheel spin. Register at bet365 via a betting service and start to earn BIG!

Apart from that, there are several more adjustment options, where the customers can choose the speed of the game and enable/disable the in-game sound effects, background music, and dealer voices, and adjust their volume. In order to help the players keep track of their activity, bet365’s European Roulette has enabled several useful features like Statistics, Favourite Bets, and Bet History.



There are two game modes to choose from depending on the desired table limits:

  • 5 to 750 units
  • 50 to 500 units

European Roulette offers numerous betting opportunities, divided by patterns or certain number combinations. The bets are placed using life-like casino chips, each having its own value ranging between 1 and 100.

European Roulette chips

Each type of wager has its stake limits, as follows:

  • Straight up (1 to 125)
  • Split (1 to 250)
  • Street (1 to 325)
  • Corner (1 to 500)
  • Line (1 to 750)
  • Column/dozen (25 to 625)
  • 1-18/19-36 (25 to 750)
  • Red/Black (25 to 750)
  • Even/Odd (25 to 750)

Also, there are a few other announced bet options such as Voisins du Zero (neighbors of zero), Orphelins (orphans) and Tier (the third). They are more commonly known as called bets and are characteristic only to European Roulette.

Should the players have any unclarities, they can always access the help feature to find detailed information about the games, rules, and advice on how to play. Also, Bonus team representatives are standing by to answer any questions and inform the customers about the available promotions and special offers. They can be contacted via live chat, and assistance is provided in a quick and effective manner so that all customers remain satisfied.

So, if roulette is the casino game of your choice, then the bet365 European Roulette is the one to go with! Check a complete roulette player guide and be ready to start playing roulette now!

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Also known as the “King of Casino Games”, roulette was created in France and has been played in its current version since 1796. It is a table game that consists of a wheel that has 37 colored pockets (38 in the case of American Roulette) that feature numbers and different colors. Most numbers have black or red backgrounds, while one of them is green (two of them in the American version) and is also known as the house edge. Although some people actually prefer the American version of the game, the European roulette is, by far, the most popular one.

Along with the modernization of the gambling world, the roulette game has evolved as well and it has been played online for circa 20 years now. Today, it is simply a must-have feature for all gambling providers, and all online casinos offer at least one version of the game. However, they come in all shapes and sizes and differ in quality, smoothness of action and realism. That’s why European Roulette at bet365 Casino is still one of the most popular variants, preferred by enthusiasts of the game all over the globe. If you also want to know about their offers in the sports betting world, check our bet365 review and features and learn the whole details about one of the best bookmakers worldwide.