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Blackjack at bet365 is among the most popular card games, in fact, the one offering the greatest number of variations. It is guaranteed to both stimulate and entertain the player, as its settings are of irreproachable quality – the graphic design is provided by the world-renowned Playtech while the game itself provides for numerous wagering possibilities. Available for instant play or download, it guarantees exciting action and great gaming experience. Get a real bet365 account via a trusted broker and start to play Blackjack.

In order to accommodate the customer as best as possible, several adjustment options have been added: the game can be played in regular or fast mode, the sounds (game sounds, background sounds, and dealer voices) can be individually enabled or disabled with the volume set according to one’s preferences and for live games, the player has the choice to enable auto-confirmed bets, show community chips and hide bets from others.

The purpose of the game is to gather as many points as possible without “going bust”, which occurs when the hand’s value becomes higher than 21. Well, gather as many points as possible in order to beat the dealer’s hand – this game is a veritable duel. Earning money from it is done by placing bets on one’s hand/hands against one of the dealers; many games currently offer the opportunity to bet on the dealer’s hand, too.


There are several betting limits based on the specific variation of the game:

  •          Classic (or perfect): 25 – 125 units and 5 – 500 units
  •          Surrender and Surrender Multihand: 25 – 50 units and 5 – 250 units
  •          Live: 30 – 300 units (the most prevalent), 75 – 600 units and 6 – 300 units

Blackjack offers the following betting opportunities:

  •          The main bet, placed on the player’s hand to beat the dealer’s
  •          Two side bets, called “player’s hand” and “dealer’s hand”, which can be activated only upon placing the main bet

Besides, there are the options of insurance (which pays 2 to 1) or surrender (available with the game thus named, whereby the player can get half the bet back if he/she feels unsure about the hand), the dealer is required to draw to 16 and stand on all 17s and different types of blackjack combinations carry different payouts:

  •          Red/black 6:1
  •          Colored 12:1
  •          Perfect 25:1

Should any questions linger, there’s the “help” option that clarifies any detail pertaining to any game within the casino and the Bonus Team stands ready to chat live with the customer not only about bonuses but also about anything else related to the games.

So, if you like card games and would like to try your luck against the casino, bet365 blackjack is a great choice to go with! Go and take a look at the Bet365 bookie review via ACC-EX to discover more features about the best sportsbook.

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The exact origins of Blackjack remain a mystery to historians and enthusiasts (some say the French invented it, others – the Spanish, while yet others go as far as claiming that it was the Romans), but the clearly established fact is that its precursor was a card game called twenty-one. The first surviving written evidence pertaining to the latter is found in one of Miguel de Cervantes’ books, more precisely in the tale called Rinconete y Cortadillo, whose main characters are proficient at cheating at ventiuna (twenty-one in Spanish), a game strikingly similar to the blackjack of today.

When the game of twenty-one reached North America, the casinos began to offer payout bonuses meant to stimulate their clients. One of them involved a ten to one payout for a hand formed by the ace of spades and a blackjack (either one of the clubs or one of the spades), the latter becoming the name of that specific hand and then the game as a whole. It stuck despite the bonus being soon withdrawn and when a hand is referred to as “blackjack” in the modern game, it contains an ace and a ten or a face card regardless of suits or colors.Check here for more about the origin of blackjack.