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General Info

Account-Exchange is a betting service with no restrictions who began its activity back in 2016 with the intent to bring solutions for those who want to bet at their favorite bookmakers. The conditions in the betting industry drive punters into a relentless search for ways to open betting accounts at the best bookmakers. New solutions are always presented to themselves and make waves in the markets. Such a new solution is offered by a new and rapidly rising broker: ACC-EX. It promises to offer accounts at the best Sportsbooks and Exchanges guaranteeing security, reliability and the best customer support. Plus you will not have to think about annoying restriction stuff. Let’s discover more about it together!

The math is so simple. ACC-EX is a unique platform that allows bettors who are interested in well-known bookies like Betfair, Bet365 but cannot be able to get an account because of countries restrictions. In order to provide the related account to the client, ACC-EX rents accounts. So the bettors who do not bet on the account, come and leave the account for rent and another bettor comes and rents the account. So that is an account exchanging. So the name is the perfect fit for the case, isn’t it?

ACC-EX betting service for original accounts


ACC-EX provides well-known accounts to their clients. Betfair, Bet365, Pinnacle, Orbitx, 10Bet are the essential ones. Also, the platform provides many other bookmakers on request as long as all the conditions fit with the current case. Discover more about them in the bookies’ reviews on ACC-EX and enjoy these unique offers.

Registering and Payment Methods

To register for an account is so simple. All you have to do is fill the necessary parts in the form and that is it! You are ready to join the platform. The responsible department takes care of your request.

The agent also provides various payment methods. You can get an account on the e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Or you can also use one of the well-known options for payment, cryptocurrencies. For the detailed info please visit the site and check for deposit and withdrawal options.


To summarize, the new player in the online betting industry starts big. Two major bookmakers in their roster that no one can refuse, top-class customer service and a new Brand Exchange makes a great promise and we can only expect more and more over time. Besides, it welcomes all kinds of players, experienced and new. In this very competitive industry, it’s not an easy feat to stand out and ACC-EX succeeded that obviously. You can also join this journey. Check out the best way to deposit for betting in our e-wallets section and open an account via a betting service. Do not waste your time and money for the useless options, give it a chance now!