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Poker is a renowned card game that has been played since 1829, when it made its first appearance in the state of Louisiana, USA. Register at Bet365 via a betting service to enjoy the best poker rooms and do not miss a chance to get your bonus now.

This popular game has many variants, depending on the number of cards that are dealt with the players, the number of cards that are hidden during the game, and the number of cards that are shared. The winning formula in poker is a combination of game skills and psychological abilities. The winner is determined by the combination of cards and their respective ranks, as presented in ascending order  in the following list:

  • High card (also known as ‘no pair’)
  • One pair (two cards of the same rank)
  • Two pair (two cards of the same rank and two cards of another identical rank)
  • Three of a kind (three cards of the same rank)
  • Straight (five successive cards in increasing rank and of different suits)
  • Flush (five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence)
  • Full house (three matching cards of one rank and two of another rank)
  • Four of a kind (four cards of the same rank)
  • Straight flush (five cards in sequence, all of the same suit)
  • Royal flush (five cards in a sequence featuring an Ace, all of the same suit)

Bet365 has one of the best online poker rooms in the gambling world. The downloadable software features a new and enhanced table layout with multiple adjustment options like the ability to change the table size, choose the position of the player and a table tiling function. Also, advanced users can play at up to 16 tables simultaneously, receiving alerts of all the important moves at all of them. The room features all the classic and modern poker variants such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, and 13 Card Poker. To get an account and start playing your favorite Poker game, just visit a betting service with original bet365 accounts.

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In order to help the players improve their game, bet365 has enabled its Poker Toolbox, consisting of the Poker Pal and the Poker University. The Poker Pal application is absolutely free of charge, has a lot of useful features, and operates with the following currencies: US dollars, British pounds, and Euro. It acts as a consultant, giving the user advice on strategy and tips on betting actions. Its main element is the bet365 poker calculator, which appears as a bar on the screen and has several useful features like Hole Cards Display, Hand Strength Strip, Hole Cards Group Indicator, Win Percentage, and others.

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Those who would like to expand their knowledge can enroll at the bet365 Poker University and receive rewards like the €100 Poker University Freebuy, as they develop their game. Here, the players can start the interactive course and learn about pot odds, how to profile opponents, bluffing situations, and much more. The fully animated audio course features multiple lessons about the key aspects of the game, and there’s useful information for players of all skill levels. As the players progress through the Poker University, they can pass the tests and earn rewards like Tournament Tokens and Merit Points. You can check bet365 casino review via a betting service.


Professional players who would like to test their skills can join any of the Steps or Sit & Go Tournaments, where there’s a contest for every budget, as well as prizes for all appetites. The Steps contests feature 7 different levels and reaching the last one would guarantee a $200,000 Tournament Token. For those who are looking for fast-paced poker excitement and prizes worth up to $50,000, the Jackpot Sit & Go competitions are the perfect place and there are several on offer:

  • Dirty Dozen, where 12 players play at two tables and the one who can win four of these enjoys a $2,000 boost in the account.
  • Maui, where 10 players compete for the minimum price of $15,000. However, the reward grows with every week that passes without it being claimed and there is no limit to how big it can be. To earn this prize, a player must win five times in a row, which can be quite difficult and that’s why bet365 offers a $200 consolation prize for anyone who achieved five consecutive 1st or 2nd place wins.
  • Rio, where six players face each other for the progressive jackpot minimum of $30,000, which grows with every week that passes without it being claimed. To win the top prize, the player must emerge victorious six times in a row or finish in the top two places to be eligible for the $300 consolation prize.
  • Fort Knox has the same six-player format, where the minimum price of $50,000 goes to the one who achieves six consecutive wins. The price increases with every week that passes without it being won. Alternatively, those who achieve six 1st or 2nd place wins in a row will receive a $750 bonus into their account.
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    As soon as the users play their first game, they are automatically entered into the bet365 VIP Scheme – a four-level (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) system of benefits and bonuses. It is based on Merit Points, which can be earned at both cash tables and tournaments, and each level requires a certain number of points according to the following list:

    VIP Red Carpet

    • Bronze (1)
    • Silver (1,000)
    • Gold (10,000)
    • Platinum (25,000)

    Depending on the VIP level of the customers, the earned points can be later exchanged for numerous Cash Rewards worth up to $165,000, Loyalty Rewards and Tournament Token Rewards.

    Of course, bet365 takes into account the users who are new to this game and offers full training on basics, bankroll management, poker etiquette, and other topics at the Poker School. It also features guides on how to get started, hand rankings, and how to play the most popular poker variants. Afterward, they can play at the Beginners’ Cash Tables for 90 days, which will help them redeem their $1,000 New Player Bonus. So, regardless of the possessed skill level, whether amateur or professional, the bet365 poker room is THE place to be for all poker enthusiasts. Bet365 has a lot to offer besides the poker rooms, so check also the full review of bet365 in our bookmakers section.