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Choosing your first bet is simpler with our advice

If you want to start in sports betting and you do not know how to do it, this article is for you. We will tell you the essential aspects and the most useful tips so that you can choose your first bookmaker, something that can sometimes seem difficult but it is very simple actually. As a first step we must establish our priorities, since from that we will be much easier to choose.

Among the factors to take into account and analyze at the time of the selection we can mention the following: the variety of sports and events; the methods to enter and withdraw money; customer service; the design and safety; welcome bonuses and promotions; fees; live betting; and mobile applications. Then, a detailed review for each of these points, fundamental when opting for a good operator to start betting.

Bettings and odds

The bookmaker that we choose must offer sports and events of our interest, those in which we intend to bet. This is nothing more than a truism, but it is worth pointing out in advance because if this requirement is not met we must go in search of another operator. Although if it is obvious and basic, we must not lose sight of the fact that the chosen company must be authorized to operate in the country where we reside. And of course, fees are also essential. In short, they are the ones that will define the scope of our potential profits, so it is always convenient to have the best ones at hand.

Money movements

This topic is as important as the previous one or even a little more, depending on who is looking at it. One of the first things that we will have to do after registering will be to deposit the first euros, with which we must check very carefully the available methods for both depositing and withdrawing money. Of moved we recommend to have clear what are our most convenient options, something very personal that depends on each user. Whether credit or debit card, bank transfer, electronic purses, prepaid cards or other alternative, we must ensure that the bookmaker offers our method of preference. Commissions, comfort, practicality and speed are the aspects to evaluate to choose the ideal procedure.

Web and security

The design of the page is not a high priority but it must be taken into account. It is important that access to different sports and markets be quick, comfortable and clear. A good usability contributes remarkably with the satisfaction of the user and it is proven that it influences the bettors’ choices. On the other hand, it has to be a company that offers certain guarantees. The security of the web plays a decisive role when the client includes personal data and cards or bank accounts.

Custumer service

Reliability covers many areas and one of them undoubtedly has to do with customer service. There is a need for constant support from the bookmaker and, for that, it is key if it can give us answers at the most critical moments. Our advice in this regard is to choose an operator that offers care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, either by telephone, via online chat or by email. What is really important is not advertising or what they sell, but that they are present when the user needs it.

Bonus and promotions

Finally, something interesting that really enlivens our first experience in this exciting world of sports betting. All the most recognized betting houses of today offer a welcome bonus and / or some promotion to attract new customers. While it is true that not all are equally attractive, we recommend studying the best proposals (read the full terms and conditions to avoid surprises) and thus take advantage of these small advantages that operators provide to new users. Taking into account the uncertainty and the doubts that usually generates the first bets, these bonuses are usually a kind of gifts that help to reduce the risks and cooperate with the first steps of the bettor.


When you take all these into consideration, there is no reason to wait any longer. Choose the bookmaker that fits your needs and open your account with the most trusted bookmaker  now! Start winning today!