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Still a growing success!


Denise Coates I think there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that bet365 is not only at the top of its game, but its success just keeps growing and growing uncontrollably. It’s possible that some of you are a bit tired of hearing just how great they are, but you will probably have to get used to such statements, as bet365 is a true leader and trend-setter of the industry. Like it or not, the British giant influences the world of gambling in the most direct way and hearing the company’s name at the biggest betting-related events is unavoidable.

The latest wave of bet365 sycophancy was triggered by the appearance of the company’s financial figures from April 2012 – March 2013. The Stoke-based company had a 34% profit increase compared to last year – £148,000,000 to be more precise. As the company’s popularity grows, along with the popularity of its products and services, so does its staff, which now consists of more than 2,500 people. But, the most impressive fact is the one that an unbelievable sum of £20,000,000,000 was wagered on their site, which is more than William Hill’s and Ladbrokes’ online profits put together. And with all that being said, bet365 is still a growing success and a true leader in its field. Unavoidably, other gambling providers will start studying their every move and will want to know what does bet365 have that they haven’t, what does bet365 do that they don’t etc.

To be perfectly fair, there are no standout answers to these questions, but here are some attempts to point out the main factors of the company’s success:

  • No fear of the new
  • Involved leadership
  • In-Play as a top service
  • Target all age groups and budgets

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