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Gladiator slots at bet365 Casino

Among the top progressive jackpot slots at bet365 Casino is Gladiator. The game has a very attractive appearance; it was designed using sophisticated graphics. It features various high-resolution images with characters from the renowned Gladiator movie, each one having its own value. The Gladiator Jackpot at bet365 is available for both instant play on the website and downloading. The software was designed by the world-famous developer Playtech and it builds up quickly and is won regularly. Along the years, the game has seen a long line of big winners, the latest one scooping up a massive £655,716 prize.

The progressive jackpot slot uses the elements that you can observe below, the combinations of which result in the following number of points:

In-game symbol screenshot
In-game symbol screenshot 7
In-game symbol screenshot 2
In-game symbol screenshot 5
In-game symbol screenshot 4
In-game symbol screenshot 3
In-game symbol screenshot 6
















Coliseum Bonus symbolThe game offers a Coliseum Bonus, triggered by a triple combination of the element shown in the following image:

Whenever the bonus is achieved, the game proposes four rows containing stones, which you have to choose from in order to redeem the prize:

  •           the first row contains free games
  •           the second row contains free game win multipliers
  •           the third row contains extra scatter symbols
  •           the fourth row contains extra wild symbols

Gladiator Jackpot Bonus symbolThe game also features a Gladiator Jackpot Bonus, triggered by a triple combination of the element shown in the following picture, placed anywhere on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels:

Afterwards, the game picks nine random prize helmets of different value: gold, silver and bronze. Picking nine gold helmets wins the Gladiator Progressive Jackpot.

Whenever the gamble mode is activated, the goal of the player is to guess the colour of the next card (black or red). If satisfied with the result, the user can ‘collect’ the earnings, as shown in the following image:Gamble mode screeenshot

 The Gladiator slot has the following pay line combinations (as shown in the picture below):

Gladiator paylines screenshot


The game offers several adjustment options, where the player can set the game speed, enable or disable the sound effects and dealer voices, and adjust their volume. Should the user have any questions or uncertainties, he/she can always contact the Bonus team via live chat. They will be happy to answer any questions or let the customers know what special offers they are entitled to.

The slot game also features an automatic mode, in which the player indicates the number of desired spins and the machine does the rest.

If progressive jackpots are your preference, give Gladiator slots at bet365 a try and you will never go back to your previous ones!

Gladiator Progressive Jackpot Screenshot


The slot machine originates from California, USA, where Charles Fey created the first one in the 1890s. It was called the Liberty Bell, but became more commonly known as the ‘one-arm bandit’ for its ability to strip its players down to the last penny and also because its side lever resembled an arm. The machines represent three or more reels containing various images, each of them having a different value. Nowadays, slot machines are a very popular element of a casino and they generate about 70% of its income.