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What to Look for When Choosing a Bookie



Choosing a bookie when you are trying to start your career in betting is the most important step you take.There are many factors to consider during the process and it can get overwhelming for everyone, especially newbies. But do not worry! I have prepared a list for the things you need to pay attention to and I have a great suggestion for you! If you cannot decide, you can always go for the VIP treatment via the trusted agent BET-IBC and get yourself a VIP account here!


 1.  Being able to withdraw your money

This article is the most important criteria when choosing bookies. Unfortunately, there are many online bookies on the market which will not pay you when you win. Every bettor hopes to withdraw his money without any problems. Otherwise there is no point in betting. This criterion is even more important than the bonus, depositing methods etc. The money withdrawing speed is also important. You also would not want to bet on a website which makes you wait for days. We think it is the most important thing to consider when choosing a bookie.

2.  Depositing Options

You need to be able to deposit to your account if you want to bet. One of the most important thing to consider when choosing a bookie is the depositing options it offers. You should choose bookies which offer the fastest and multiple depositing methods. If depositing takes too much time, you might miss some exclusive opportunities.

3.    Max./Min. Stakes

Each bookie has a different limit when it comes to betting and you should pick the one that is the most suitable to your betting style. Some bettors prefer betting with small stakes while the others might prefer the risk with high stakes. You should check if the bookie is appropriate to your betting techniques.

4.   Customer Support

You might encounter some problems when you are betting so it is important for the bookie to have a reliable customer support system. All bookies have a customer support where they serve customers through e-mails, telephones or live chat. We suggest picking a bookie which has a live chat service.


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