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General Info

There are a lot of bookies out there providing different odds for the same events. As these odds directly affect your income, selecting the proper bookie is one of the primary key points. Similarly, in order to have a great betting experience, choosing the best betting platform is important for your success. Let’s explain why you should choose VIP-IBC and why we call it the best betting software.

First of all, you get to see the odds from multiple bookmakers at the same time and therefore be given the chance to select the best. The offers of more than 10 bookmakers are brought to your display, along with many betting types concerning almost all sports. If the idea so far sounds tempting and you would like to give it a try, all you need to do is sign up for the best betting software VIP-IBC.

Interface and graphics

Of equal importance with the odds, as far as the punters are concerned, is the user interface provided by the company that designed the software. Is it user-friendly? Is it functional? If there is something more important than odds for the punters, that is the user interface the software company provides, basically what the site looks like when you visit it. VIP-IBC is also quite good on this subject. It allows you various options like Selecting Sports & Leagues, Turning settings on and off, a Quick Settings Menu, a Trade Settings menu and a Bookie Accounts menu.

The whole software is constantly updated thanks to the feedback given by their clients and new features are added each time. Recently we discovered that BET-IBC included different languages for the platform which was only available in English. Now, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish versions are also available in the Settings menu. More important, the eSports market was added and now punters can wage on several options such as CS:GO and League of Legends tournaments and leagues, DOTA 2, Rainbow Six, Starcraft 2 and many other games!


Finally, the bettors’ “confidence” is another most important part. As you noticed, the VIP-IBC platform is powered by BET-IBC which is the best betting agent with 13 years of experience in the industry. They offer multiple selections of Asian bookies for you to choose such as Pinnacle and Matchbook, just to name a couple. Depending on your betting preferences, their top-class service and support team will guide you through the process and help you open the best Asian betting accounts. Additionally, they have this excellent VIP-IBC platform we described above and you really should try it.

To know more about BET-IBC, the betting agent behind this amazing software with multiple bookies, take a look at the best betting agent review we wrote in the Betting Agents section. And if you still have questions to ask or issues that you still have unresolved, you can get a better understanding of the platform by checking out their website to see the benefits of using a betting software!