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Best Skype Betting facts you did not know about

The best betting system for High Rollers!

When it comes to betting, players often have one major concern and it is to be limited, especially if they stake relatively high amounts. If you are reading this, then we bet that you probably have the same concern, so don’t worry because you are in the right place. All you need to do is Register for a Skype betting account and keep reading until the end.

What exactly is Skype Betting?

To make it simple, Skype Betting offers you the chance to place the highest stakes even in smaller leagues, thus ensuring you get the best odds for your bets. It is important to mention here that your bets are placed directly in Asia. Most of the betting services offering this function have some key features in common and these are mainly: No void bets, pre-match and live betting, best odds and the possibility to send your bets via Telegram.

How does it work?

We did some research and found the following video which narrates briefly what Skype Betting is all about. So take a look at it now.

Additional features

As we already know, betting limits can be one of the biggest problems for the punters, especially those with a relatively significant betting budget. Given this, sometimes a simple solution that produces the best results can be found in a Skype account. Without a doubt, most highrollers know the best solution to bet on high stakes in Asia is through Skype betting. Take a look at the hard facts about high stakes betting now and secure your big wins!

Just imagine:

  • Staking 20x the limit;
  • Betting high stakes;
  • Getting the best odds for all your bets;
  • Placing your bets anytime, anywhere;
  • And most importantly, with no void bets! Yes, correct, you can bet without any doubt on the void bet so all you are going to do is enjoy your winnings.
  • Sounds great right? Let’s go a little bit deeper then. This unique system allows you to bet on with the highest stakes and limits. Even in smaller leagues. So the process is simple: You send the picks via your Skype account and wait for your winnings. That’s it!

    Limits and Sports

    Skype Betting maximizes the odds when the limits at your bookmaker are low. The system is the perfect fit for the high rollers and high volume bettors. Besides, it provides bets on various markets such as soccer, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL.

    Some frequently asked questions

  • How much should be considered a high stake bet?
    Generally speaking, a high stake bet depends on the payment method you use. However, on average, it often starts at 500 euros and can go high as in up to 10,000 euros.

  • Can my bet get voided?
    We have done lots of research on this question and the answer is NO.

  • How much is the minimum deposit?
    The amount often ranges between 5000 to 10,000 euros. And this is nothing compared to the advantages.

  • How do I place my bets using Skype Betting?
    You have two options to choose from:
    1. You decide the league you wish to bet on, the stake, the bet type and inform the agent about your bet a few hours before, so they get everything set.
    2. The second option offered (for real high rollers) is to instantly communicate your bet and they will place it directly and instantly.
  • Skype Betting is by far the ultimate solution for high rollers and it is clear enough that this function is not only here to stay but also the safest option for any bettor who is serious about his betting game. So, in case you wish to know more, check the best way to deposit for betting, do not waste more time and open a Skype Betting account now!