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Responsible gambling

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Bet365 has a very serious and responsible approach to the entire gambling concept. Being aware of the negative influence or effect games of chance can have on some people, the company implements all possible measures and takes all necessary precautions, so that their field of activity would not cause harm to anyone. Therefore, customers can impose deposit limits on their bet365 accounts, to keep their bankroll under control in case they get carried away.


These limits can be set for a daily or weekly period and can be later adjusted, increases becoming effective after 24 hours. There is also the self-exclusion option, which can be set for various periods of time, such as six months, a year, two years and even five years. In this case the player’s account will remain closed until the set period of time elapses, whereas the customers who simply closed their account can reopen it at any moment. Bet365 will use all possible measures not to open a second account to the person who is the middle of being self-excluded, so it is not recommended to attempt doing that once the Opt-out is in progress.


Apart from deposit limits and self-exclusion options, bet365 does everything in its power to ensure that the age limits for gambling are respected and all its customers have the legal gambling age of 18 years old. The company carries out electronic age verification tests to prevent underage parties to engage in gambling activities. Furthermore, the website provides links to filtering software like Net Nanny and CYBERsitter, which blocks the access of children to inappropriate content or specific destinations only.


In addition to the above mentioned precautions, the bookmaker also helps its customers see any warning signs related to gambling addiction. Its staff is fully trained with problem gambling awareness, therefore the customer support representatives will always know how exactly to act in such situations and will always be able to guide the user in the right direction.

Bet365 recommends its customers to keep track of their gambling activities and see games of chance as an entertainment, not as an income generator, as this could lead to numerous problems and the main idea is to have good, clean and harmless fun.