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Hotline: your fast ride to all 80’s fun

Hotline is NetEnt’s latest release and from what we’ve seen it is becoming one of the most acclaimed slot games in 2018. This slot is full of features that are very much appreciated by all of us: Expanding Wilds, re-spins and, of course, free spins, are just some examples. Keep reading our review of Hotline to know every move of this lucrative game, and register for a Bet365 account via betting broker to enjoy the increible bonuses and promotions.

When you start playing Hotline you will see that it has been developed to look a lot like a video game, the introduction and clips throughout the game, as well as graphics and sound effects remind us a lot of the series Miami Vice. Even its protagonists are nailed! Hotline is an online slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows, with 30 paylines. Each row in this game is considered a payline, which you can activate or deactivate whenever you want.

Once two direct lines are activated, the game will enter a double bet phase (30 coins per level of bet), while with three direct lines activated, you will play the triple bet (45 coins per level of bet). The bets vary from 0.15 euros to a super bet for high rollers of 450 euros, as you hear it! The return to the player or Hotline’s RTP varies according to the payment lines that you wish to activate.

If we had to highlight something above the rest, we would say that it is a complete and very attractive slot for the possibility of activating and deactivating as many hotlines as you want. The graphic part and setting has seemed incredibly good so the only thing we can advise is that you should get a real Bet365 Casino account with a betting agent and draw your own conclusions!

Tips for Playing at Online Casinos

Online Casinos have become immensely popular and have served to build a billion-dollar industry. Apart from the obvious convenience of playing from the comfort of one’s own home, the fact that internet gambling sites offer a far better win ratio than their land-based counterparts have been one of the main reasons for the huge and growing interest. If you don’t already have one, open a casino account via agent and be one of the winners!

Though it’s great entertainment, the bottom line remains that you will be playing games of chance and so the following few tips and tricks could prove helpful in nudging the odds you’re little more in your favor.

1. Be careful where you choose to play. Look for the evidence of secure transactions, fair gaming and independent audits by checking for any recognized accreditation icons that may be displayed on the site.

2. Decide on exactly what you are willing to spend and are thus prepared to lose if your luck should fail you, and stick to it. If you are thinking say $200 a month, spread your fun and make it $50 a week of perhaps 5 sessions at $10 a time.

3. Focus your interest. Rather than flitting from one game to another, try to specialize in one or two and develop your knowledge of them while improving your skills.

4. The outcomes of online casino games are determined by a computer program known as a random number generator. This means that no game is ever influenced by the result of another and thus they follow no predictable sequence. It is equally possible for 10 winning combinations to occur consecutively or for none at all to occur during the course of a hundred spins. So don’t throw good money after bad – rather try another game.

5.Do make sure you have understood the rules when you play a game for the first time. Rules can vary from land-based version and even between different online casinos.

6. At the Blackjack tables check the house rules. In some cases, the dealer can score with a soft 17 and that means a greater house advantage.

7. Finally, whether you are winning or losing overall – know when to stop. Winning streaks can be over in an instant just as losing streaks can continue until you’re flat broke.

As long as you take these tips into consideration, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t have an enjoyable experience. If you want the top experience that you can have, I suggest you to check out BET365’s casino for the best options. Check it out now via the most reliable broker for bet365 and enjoy the premium casino life!

BET365 Review


bet365 is the world’s largest online gambling company. The group employs over 3,000 people and has over 22 million customers worldwide. The accounts are highly popular and ACC-EX is the best and only agent who offer bet365 accounts to its users. If you are interested in betting with the very best, we suggest you open a casino account via agent now!

As well as Sports, they also have first-class Casino, Games, Vegas, Poker and Bingo rooms on the Internet. bet365 operates a simple one-wallet system, meaning you have the same username, password and payment method to play at all of the above with the minimum of fuss.

One of the most exciting aspects of betting with Bet365 Sport is that you have a massive choice of bets to choose from. Not only do you have the usual Win or Each Way bets available, but there’s a wide range of multiple selection bets available too.

These bets include Doubles, Trebles, and Accumulators. There are also more complicated multiple-selection bets, such as Yankees, Canadians, Lucky 15’s, and the like.

Review of Betting Markets

Now let’s look into the juicy part and take a look at the different markets that are on offer. In addition to the casino games, there are simply too many sports to list when it comes to betting options with markets from all over the globe. The type of sports you’ll find are things like:

• American Football
• Aussie Rules
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Boxing
• Cricket
• Cycling
• Darts
• F1
• Golf
• Greyhound Racing
• Horse Racing
• Ice Hockey
• Motor Racing
• Rugby
• Snooker
• Soccer
• Tennis

Basically Bet365 offer a lot of sports options to their punters. They got some really obscure stuff which you won’t find at other online bookmakers and they’ve got a mass of different options on popular sports such as Football, Cricket, Tennis and Horse Racing.

All the sports and casino games you can bet or play on at Bet365 are listed on their website or app and their new improved interactive platform allows you to quickly pull up odds on any sport into the main screen area whenever you want.

Open an account with Bet365 today via the best agent for bet365 and check out their casino. You will not be disappointed!

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