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If you want to start in sports betting and you do not know how to do it, this article is for you. We will tell you the essential aspects and the most useful tips so that you can choose your first bookmaker, something that can sometimes seem difficult but it is very simple actually. As a first step we must establish our priorities, since from that we will be much easier to choose.

Among the factors to take into account and analyze at the time of the selection we can mention the following: the variety of sports and events; the methods to enter and withdraw money; customer service; the design and safety; welcome bonuses and promotions; fees; live betting; and mobile applications. Then, a detailed review for each of these points, fundamental when opting for a good operator to start betting.

Bettings and odds

The bookmaker that we choose must offer sports and events of our interest, those in which we intend to bet. This is nothing more than a truism, but it is worth pointing out in advance because if this requirement is not met we must go in search of another operator. Although if it is obvious and basic, we must not lose sight of the fact that the chosen company must be authorized to operate in the country where we reside. And of course, fees are also essential. In short, they are the ones that will define the scope of our potential profits, so it is always convenient to have the best ones at hand.

Money movements

This topic is as important as the previous one or even a little more, depending on who is looking at it. One of the first things that we will have to do after registering will be to deposit the first euros, with which we must check very carefully the available methods for both depositing and withdrawing money. Of moved we recommend to have clear what are our most convenient options, something very personal that depends on each user. Whether credit or debit card, bank transfer, electronic purses, prepaid cards or other alternative, we must ensure that the bookmaker offers our method of preference. Commissions, comfort, practicality and speed are the aspects to evaluate to choose the ideal procedure.

Web and security

The design of the page is not a high priority but it must be taken into account. It is important that access to different sports and markets be quick, comfortable and clear. A good usability contributes remarkably with the satisfaction of the user and it is proven that it influences the bettors’ choices. On the other hand, it has to be a company that offers certain guarantees. The security of the web plays a decisive role when the client includes personal data and cards or bank accounts.

Custumer service

Reliability covers many areas and one of them undoubtedly has to do with customer service. There is a need for constant support from the bookmaker and, for that, it is key if it can give us answers at the most critical moments. Our advice in this regard is to choose an operator that offers care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, either by telephone, via online chat or by email. What is really important is not advertising or what they sell, but that they are present when the user needs it.

Bonus and promotions

Finally, something interesting that really enlivens our first experience in this exciting world of sports betting. All the most recognized betting houses of today offer a welcome bonus and / or some promotion to attract new customers. While it is true that not all are equally attractive, we recommend studying the best proposals (read the full terms and conditions to avoid surprises) and thus take advantage of these small advantages that operators provide to new users. Taking into account the uncertainty and the doubts that usually generates the first bets, these bonuses are usually a kind of gifts that help to reduce the risks and cooperate with the first steps of the bettor.


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Still a growing success!

Denise Coates I think there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that bet365 is not only at the top of its game, but its success just keeps growing and growing uncontrollably. It’s possible that some of you are a bit tired of hearing just how great they are, but you will probably have to get used to such statements, as bet365 is a true leader and trend-setter of the industry. Like it or not, the British giant influences the world of gambling in the most direct way and hearing the company’s name at the biggest betting-related events is unavoidable.

The latest wave of bet365 sycophancy was triggered by the appearance of the company’s financial figures from April 2012 – March 2013. The Stoke-based company had a 34% profit increase compared to last year – £148,000,000 to be more precise. As the company’s popularity grows, along with the popularity of its products and services, so does its staff, which now consists of more than 2,500 people. But, the most impressive fact is the one that an unbelievable sum of £20,000,000,000 was wagered on their site, which is more than William Hill’s and Ladbrokes’ online profits put together. And with all that being said, bet365 is still a growing success and a true leader in its field. Unavoidably, other gambling providers will start studying their every move and will want to know what does bet365 have that they haven’t, what does bet365 do that they don’t etc.

To be perfectly fair, there are no standout answers to these questions, but here are some attempts to point out the main factors of the company’s success:

  • No fear of the new
  • Involved leadership
  • In-Play as a top service
  • Target all age groups and budgets

If you find games of chance exciting, if you’re into sports betting or if you’re a poker enthusiast, there is no better place for you in the whole betting world. Join the action NOW!

Responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling Image

Bet365 has a very serious and responsible approach to the entire gambling concept. Being aware of the negative influence or effect games of chance can have on some people, the company implements all possible measures and takes all necessary precautions, so that their field of activity would not cause harm to anyone. Therefore, customers can impose deposit limits on their bet365 accounts, to keep their bankroll under control in case they get carried away.


These limits can be set for a daily or weekly period and can be later adjusted, increases becoming effective after 24 hours. There is also the self-exclusion option, which can be set for various periods of time, such as six months, a year, two years and even five years. In this case the player’s account will remain closed until the set period of time elapses, whereas the customers who simply closed their account can reopen it at any moment. Bet365 will use all possible measures not to open a second account to the person who is the middle of being self-excluded, so it is not recommended to attempt doing that once the Opt-out is in progress.


Apart from deposit limits and self-exclusion options, bet365 does everything in its power to ensure that the age limits for gambling are respected and all its customers have the legal gambling age of 18 years old. The company carries out electronic age verification tests to prevent underage parties to engage in gambling activities. Furthermore, the website provides links to filtering software like Net Nanny and CYBERsitter, which blocks the access of children to inappropriate content or specific destinations only.


In addition to the above mentioned precautions, the bookmaker also helps its customers see any warning signs related to gambling addiction. Its staff is fully trained with problem gambling awareness, therefore the customer support representatives will always know how exactly to act in such situations and will always be able to guide the user in the right direction.

Bet365 recommends its customers to keep track of their gambling activities and see games of chance as an entertainment, not as an income generator, as this could lead to numerous problems and the main idea is to have good, clean and harmless fun.

Gambling restrictions

Despite involving no more than pure luck and the adrenaline that stems from trying it, gambling has been negatively associated with bad practices all throughout history, perhaps due to notorious individuals and/or organizations being actively involved in the industry. Even though they could not possibly alter the neutral aspect of the games of chance, the widespread stigmas led and still lead people to think otherwise. That served as an impetus to restrict gambling as much as possible, perhaps root it out for good; in that order of ideas, various laws have been created in the past that were aimed at stamping out any games of chance.

Gambling in the USAOnline gambling has also been the subject of much debate and consideration, and restricting it became a priority for many politicians avid to appear ethical and moral. Ever since being introduced in 1994, many countries (or rather many politicians from different countries) have enacted anti-online-gambling laws.

Nowadays, 28 jurisdictions prohibit online gambling; some of them ban gambling altogether. In places like Afghanistan, Sudan or Nigeria, these restrictions do not affect sports betting, casino and poker companies, but bans in the United States, Japan, South Korea, China or Hong Kong diminish profit prospects greatly and encourage under-the-table activities that ultimately see criminal rings or sketchy bookies make the money that normally belongs to legal Internet sites.


The USA banned online gambling in 2006 by passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which officially only addresses banking issues, but in effect prohibits online gambling altogether by illegalizing bank transfers to sites. The precedent of this law was the Federal Wire Act of 1961 that restricted certain types of gambling by banning electronic transfers in order to carry them out. As soon as the UIGEA replaced the Federal Wire Act, the stocks of many renowned companies dropped significantly and, in the long run, their profits decreased by a wide margin as well.

However, the states still have a word in their own affairs, even though it’s a small one. Thus, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have recently promulgated laws that legalize and regulate online gambling; the latter’s governor, Chris Christie, understood the need for fund raising and saw the overall advantages of making such a move. Other states are expected to follow suit and, whenever a greater number will be achieved, the prospect of legalization on the federal level might be considered.

Online Gambling Map of Europe


Germany is yet another market with a high profit potential that heavily restricts online gambling. Ever since January 1, 2008, when the German Interstate Treaty came into force, all forms of online betting or gaming (except wagering on horse racing) are off-limits on a federal scale. However, the European Gaming & Betting Association stated that such regulations were against EU rules, and appealed to the European Commission so that they would take action against the German law, which resulted in the European Court of Justice ruling out that the German gambling industry has to be liberalized. Still, the only state that legalized online gambling is Schleswig-Holstein (since 2012); an online gaming license can be obtained by casinos registered there.


European Union FlagThe French market has witnessed many ups and downs regarding gambling and, in particular, its online field. Initially regulated to only admit national companies, the situation had to change once the EU authorities intervened, in order to enable competition, by allowing any European company to operate in France. Online gambling remained illegal until April 7, 2010, though, when the National Assembly finally passed a bill that approved the opening of online gambling activities and the granting of licenses to international operators in this field. After obtaining licenses, the operators created .fr sites that were aimed at targeting French customers exclusively.


Even though not yet possessing the profit-generating capabilities of the above-mentioned markets, China is an emerging economy and its potential for the gaming industry is constantly on the rise. But the Communist government prefers to reduce it to “friendly games” rather than regulate the activity on a countrywide scale. Online gaming remains absolutely illegal, but there have been more and more indications that the practice may soon be legalized, as the average citizen becomes constantly more able to afford it and the financial benefits that could be derived from it are simply enormous.

As far as the British gambling giant bet365 is concerned, its activity is restricted for the citizens of the following countries:

  •           France
  •           Netherlands
  •           United States of America
  •           Australia
  •           Hong Kong
  •           Turkey
  •           French Guiana
  •           Guadeloupe
  •           Martinique.